• Welcome

    It’s early in the morning on a late summer day in 1952. Mrs. Jones has been planning for this day for two years, and dreamed of this day for much longer. Five teachers believe in her vision of “creating a preschool where young children could feel secure in a happy loving environment” and join her on this morning. The parents of 50 children believed in this vision, too, and enrolled their children in The Children’s Center of First Community Church.

    Her key slid into the lock of the door. Opening the school wasn’t to that of a shiny, new building but rather that of a makeshift facility with borrowed books and mothers volunteering as office help. The modesty of the space reflected the modesty of our humble first director. On an evening in her honor and retirement in 1971, she requested that the parents plant a tree for her instead, upon learning that they planned to hang a large portrait of her in the school.

    Mrs. Jones built the school’s methods on nine “foundation stones of character”: love, courage, gratitude, peace, humility, discovery, purpose, patience, and joy. She equated true learning with that of a beam of light “which when passed through a prism, breaks into facets of many colors…It is the hope of The Children’s Center that we may keep the balance and present the whole beam of light which will help illumine whatever path of life our children choose to follow.”

    It is an honor to hold the key to our school 65 years later. We have grown in many ways: more caring teachers, more eager young children, a beautiful school filled with inviting, playful, and engaging learning materials, and the continued support of our students’ parents. But the heart of our school remains as Mrs. Jones envisioned and began. I pledge to honor each child, to provide a loving and happy atmosphere, where each child feels secure to explore and discover the joy of learning. I pledge to support our teachers and our parents on the journey that lies ahead, this year and for years to come.

    On the morning of September 6th, as I open the doors to our 65th year, I will pause to give thanks for Mrs. Jones’ dream, dedication, and the many, many, many children, parents, and teachers who have passed through our doors since then, believing in our shared mission and vision. Thank you for joining all of us on the journey and for being a part of our ever growing family at The Children’s Center.

    With gratitude, Christy Tornelli